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    I Found Lizzo's Old YouTube Channel And It Will Remind You To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

    A true hidden gem.

    By now, we all know Lizzo can blow both on the microphone and as a classically trained flutist.

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    But before she was the superstar that I've come to stan, she was just a girl doing YouTube covers like most millennial artists trying to make it in the industry.

    Thanks to YouTube's genius algorithm, I recently came across a video of 22-year-old Lizzo performing a beautiful cover of Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" from January 2010.

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    Talk about a throwback!

    After sitting in awe for nearly 5 minutes, I clicked through the YouTube channel, aptly titled "lizzomusic," and unearthed more covers, including a gorgeous rendition she did of Adele's "Someone Like You" in September 2011.

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    Her hair? Yes! Her voice? Yes! But most of all, her playing the freaking piano flawlessly? HELL YES!

    I definitely did not know Queen Lizzo could play the piano as well as the flute. She really wasn't lying when she said she is 100% THAT bitch.

    I wasn't alone in feeling like I had discovered a hidden treasure chest. Several YouTubers left comments expressing the same sentiments:

    This person noted how far Lizzo's come:

    You know it's a throwback when the description includes a MySpace link:

    Most people couldn't believe how young Lizzo still looks, almost 10 years later:

    Others praised her artistry from the get-go:

    And it was all thanks to the YouTube algorithm resurfacing the videos!

    The moral to the story?

    Thanks for reminding us to never give up on our dreams, Lizzo!