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    Chris Cuomo Is Daddy And It's Time We Have That Conversation

    Sorry, Governor Cuomo.

    While everyone has been tweeting about their thirst for Gov. Andrew Cuomo lately, I've turned on my notifications for Chris Cuomo's Instagram photos, because I know who's the real daddy* in the family.

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    *Yes, I know technically Chris is married with kids, but I've been stuck in quarantine alone for a month now so let me have my fantasy, OK? Thanks!

    It's nice that people are just now realizing that the Cuomos are handsome β€” FYI, I tweeted this back in 2017 β€” but in case there was ever any doubt who the hottest Cuomo brother is, I'm here to deliver the receipts.

    Soap Opera Network

    Here are 25 photos of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo that have me saying, "Governor Cuomo who???" Enjoy!

    1. This pic of him with his dog:

    2. This pic of him with a fish:

    3. This pic of his guns:

    4. I'd let him put me in a chokehold, tbh:

    5. His smile:

    6. This view:

    7. That chest:

    8. His beefy physique:

    9. This casual flex:

    10. This classic "dads will be dads" pic:

    11. This pic of him wearing dad jeans:

    12. His silliness:

    13. We love a funny king:

    14. His big hands:

    15. Oh, what big hands he has:

    16. His commitment to fitness:

    17. His shoulders:

    18. When he was like "😬" and I was like "Yes!":

    19. This throwback photo that proved he's always been a hottie:

    20. This pic of him staring directly into my soul:

    21. This pic of his abs:

    22. This pic of him looking oh-so happy:

    23. This pic of him mean-mugging...

    24. And this pic that was almost ruined by the ugly fish in the way:

    25. Stay hot, Chris. The world needs you.

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