Billie Eilish Addressed The Rumors About Her Having A Sex Tape On The Internet And My Heart Breaks For Her

    Enough already.

    It feels like Billie Eilish seemingly skyrocketed into a household name overnight.

    But, as we all know, with a lot of fame comes a lot of rumors.

    In a recent interview with Dazed magazine, the "Bad Guy" singer addressed one of the most disturbing rumors, which is that there's an amateur porn video going around with her name on it.

    About the fake video, Billie said, “You think I would be having sex on a train in daylight? With a dress on and fishnets, and a fucking peace sign necklace? Dog, come on!”

    She went on to express that not only does she have to deal with imposters online, but IRL, too. “People put a fuckin’ green and black wig on and go out in public and pretend to be me,” she said.

    “It makes me look bad — if they’re being a dick, then everyone’s gonna think I was a dick," Billie explained. “It’s so mean. Every day I’m afraid someone is gonna do something — either fake something viral, or there’s gonna be some…I don’t even know what.”

    This isn't the first time Billie has called out her impersonators. Earlier this year, she issued an impassioned plea for them to stop:

    So if you're reading this and you're one of the culprits, quit it with the BS and leave Billie alone, will ya?