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Billie Eilish Would Like The "Disrespectful" People Impersonating Her To Immediately Stop

She's not impressed.

There are few people on this planet whose style is as immediately recognizable as Billie Eilish's.

Because of that — and the fact that she's a fan of looks like these that shield her face — it's not very hard to dress up like the pop artist. Some people, however, have been taking advantage of this fact and going as far as impersonating her in public places.

Well, Billie is aware of these imposters and she is not okay with them. Today, the Grammy winner went on Instagram stories to issue a plea to the people impersonating her and posting YouTube videos about it to immediately stop.

Billie explained that these kinds of stunts are not only "mean" to her fans, but make her "look bad."

She also called out some of the people doing these videos, sharing a screenshot of the clips on YouTube, and wrote "please stop."

"Also soooo disrespectful that you'd go out pretending to be me wearing THIS," she wrote to her impersonators.

One of her impersonators — the one with the unacceptable socks she called out — responded, claiming she'd tried to contact Billie's team ahead of time but didn't hear back and "obviously" was "mistaken" in posting the video. "I have removed the stories and will not post the video without their permission," the person wrote.

Billie Eilish took to Instagram to call out an impersonator and ask people to stop pretending to be her, to which the person responded Pt 1

Honestly, good for Billie for calling out this trend and pointing out how rude it is to the fans.

My opinion: I definitely think it’s messed up to pretend to be a celebrity and have fans get their hopes up like that.

There will only ever be one Billie Eilish!