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    17 Tiny Changes That Would Actually Make The US The Best Country In The World


    On Tuesday, a Reddit thread asked people, "What is popular in other countries that hasn't caught on in America?" Here are some of the best submissions:

    1. Full-sized toilet stall doors in public bathrooms.

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    "Toilet stall doors that actually give you some privacy. My first time in New York I walked into the toilet and could see a guy taking a shit through the huge gaps in the cubicle."


    2. Price stickers that reflect the total after taxes.

    "In other countries, the price on the shelf includes all local/state/national sales taxes and is the final price that you pay."


    3. The metric system.


    4. Meat pies.

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    "The ultimate fast food snack. They seem like something Americans would be all over, but for some reason they've never caught on."


    5. Writing DD/MM/YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY.


    6. A wider variety of bread.

    "OMG. When I traveled to Europe, I realized our bread is a damn joke. We lack the variety and freshness found in other countries by 100 fold. I found over 100 types I had never even heard of."


    7. Bidets.


    8. And heated toilet seats.

    "Japan is amazing!"


    9. High-speed trains.

    "Something something Americans are too spread out for high-speed trains to be economically viable. China is a big country too, and they're building high-speed trains and the infrastructure to support them like crazy."


    10. Lunch breaks that are encouraged — or even enforced.

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    "In France, it's even illegal to eat at your work desk. Your employer has to find a place for you to eat, whether it is a lunch room, a company restaurant, or an actual restaurant."


    11. An average number of vacation days that allows for real travel or relaxation.

    "Gap years. And real amounts of vacation time from work."


    12. Doner kebab.


    13. Widespread use of mobile payment systems.

    Warner Bros. Television / Via

    "My husband and I just returned to the US from the UK. While we were there, we noticed contactless mobile payment, like Apple Pay, was available practically everywhere. It was so unbelievably convenient and even available for things like public transportation. I hope we continue to add it and use it in different places here in the US."


    14. More chocolaty chocolate.

    "If I recall correctly, you need a certain percentage of cocoa to call it chocolate, and in the US, that percentage is a lot lower than elsewhere. That's why Cadburys > Hershey's. Even worse, however, is that you can now get 'Cadburys' in the US, but as I understand it, Hershey's just paid them to use the name, so even if you avoid Hershey's, and go for the better option, you're still getting the same shitty chocolate."


    15. Traffic circles — and/or drivers who know how to drive around them.


    16. Eurovision.

    Logo / Via


    17. And, of course, Kinder Eggs.

    "Oh wait, we tried that."


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