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Can We Accurately Guess Your Birth Order?

Prepare to feel very seen.

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  1. Okay, so, you're at a party. Fun! What are you most likely doing?

    Huddling in a circle with my closest friends.
    Roaming around, chatting, meeting new people.
    Dancing on the table, making out, or both at the same time.
    Holding my friend's hair back while they puke.
  2. Now you're preparing for a road trip. How do you usually get ready?

    Roll out of bed the day of and hope everyone else took care of it.
    Research routes and calculate gas money because you'll obviously be driving the whole way.
    You do everything yourself; you don’t need anyone’s help.
    Buy snacks and make a playlist.
  3. You just ran out of toilet paper while going to the bathroom! What do you do?

    Scream out asking if anyone is there to help you.
    Make do with the remaining scraps and then drip dry.
    Use the extra roll you always keep next to the toilet as backup.
    Waddle over to the cabinet to get a fresh roll; you always have more there.
  4. Uh-oh, someone’s trying to start a fight with you. What's your game plan?

    Totally shut down. Confrontation is not your thing.
    Calm them down and/or try to reason with them. Fighting is never the answer.
    Fight back. They're clearly in the wrong if they're trying to argue with you.
    Cry and cry. Why is everyone always picking on you?!
  5. You have a wedding to go to this weekend! What do you wear?

    Uhh, probably just rent an outfit at the last minute.
    Run over to a store and buy something nice! Why not?
    Borrow something from a friend or sibling. All of your clothes are too casual.
    That nice outfit you keep in your closet for special occasions.
  6. Aww yeah, now it's dinnertime. What’s cookin'?

    Something delicious-looking you found on Pinterest.
    Cooking? Please. Seamless is enough effort for you.
    Whatever everyone else likes.
    One of your standard go-to meals. You know what you like.
  7. Crap, one of your parents' birthdays just snuck up on you out of nowhere. Now what?

    They mentioned...something...they wanted recently. That'll work.
    Birthdays never sneak up on you. You've had a present stored away for weeks.
    Confer with your siblings or friends to figure out something nice and meaningful.
    Someone else got a gift we can go in on... You're pretty sure about that, anyway.
  8. And finally: Are you always right?

    Of course.
    Yeah, but no one ever listens to me.
    I guess, but I don’t feel like I have to prove that to anyone but myself.
    Being right doesn’t matter, as long as we get along.

Can We Accurately Guess Your Birth Order?

You got: Oldest child

You're pretty mature, and you have always set high standards for yourself. You often find yourself taking care of your sibling(s) and friends, but hey, that's love.

Oldest child Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
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You got: Middle child

You're no monkey in the middle – you're a pretty chill person! You like to have a good time, and you're always there for people — including your many friends — when they need you.

Middle child
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You got: Only child

No siblings? No problem? Growing up solo has made you pretty independent and very resourceful — and you're definitely not afraid to speak your mind.

Only child
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You got: Youngest child

People call you a baby, and...they're not wrong. But babies are lovable, right?! You like attention and are always down to have a good time, even when people tease you a little.

Youngest child
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