We Need To Talk About Your Beloved Butt Wipes :-/

    Your plumbing system literally cannot with those wipes.

    I really can't blame anyone for wanting a better alternative to toilet paper.

    For a lot of people, the answer to their TP woes is wet wipes. They're softer, they say! They clean better, they say! And most importantly, they're flushable, they (and the packages) say!

    Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but so-called flushable wipes are a nightmare for plumbing systems, and we should probably just stop using them, TBH.

    Wet wipes have oozed insidiously across the pond, too. The infamous Fatbergs that terrorized London's sewage system in 2013 and 2017 were largely due to the buildup of wet wipes.

    So what can you do instead of resorting back to toilet paper, if you really don't wanna? Well, you could get a bidet, a bathroom item that deserves much more respect in the US.

    You can also start using a family cloth, a reusable bathroom wipe that you can make using literally any fabric you want.

    If you just can't bear to depart with your wipes (and I don't blame you for that!), you could try DIYing your own.

    And look: maybe you just really need to use wet wipes for reasons, and ultimately, I'm not going to get in between you and your butt. But! If that's the case, you could try disposing of them in a diaper genie.

    Happy wiping, y'all!