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    Quit Using Tree-Killing Toilet Paper And Just Get A Freaking Bidet

    Keep your butt *and* the planet clean.

    Dear frequent toilet paper users: seriously, STOP using literally millions of trees (like at least nine million per year) and GALLONS of water (as in, 37 per roll) to wipe your butts every single day.

    Why? Because there's a better way that will give you an INCREDIBLY clean butt — with MUCH less of an impact on the environment. Yes y'all, I'm talking about that ultimate bathroom upgrade: the bidet.

    I know it sounds a little intimidating at first, but if the over 6,000 people who gave this bidet attachment a positive review can come to love it, I bet you will, too!

    In fact, many of those Amazon reviewers swear that their old standby toilet paper absolutely does not stand up to the true clean this attachment provides.

    Besides loving the feeling of being really and truly clean, other reviewers also notice how drastically their new bidet cuts their toilet paper use, and swear it's literally life changing.

    "Some reviewers have said they don't consider this product "life changing", but I do. It's fantastic. I now feel like disposable toilet paper is a huge, wasteful, costly scam. Bidets do a fantastic job of cleaning up. At first, I was just drying off with two squares of toilet paper, but then decided to just go all-out and bought some basic washcloths for $10. Really, after taking a few seconds washing off, all you need to do is dry." —Matthew

    "I live in the country with a septic system and was going through toilet paper like a person possessed trying to get as clean as possible. Besides the fact that TP is EXPENSIVE, I was concerned about the accumulation in my tank. This bidet cleans well enough that I'm using about 1/4 to 1/3 the amount of paper I previously used. PLUS, I feel so much cleaner!! The water in a toilet tank is pretty much room temperature so it's not like using ice water. I find the "cold" water alone to be very effective and not uncomfortable. I'm convinced this is one of my smarter purchases and am truly happy so far." —Amazon Customer

    Oh and BTW, with a few turns of the controls, it actually cleans itself.

    So, y'all, seriously: stop wasting good trees on toilet paper and just get a bidet already! This one comes in two colors, blue and white or pure white, for $34.50 on Amazon.

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