Drogo Is The Winner Of A-Meow-Ican Idol!

Congratulations for winning TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cat's A-Meow-Ican Idol contest, Drogo! You are the cutest and will be featured on BuzzFeed's cute badge!

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Ameowican Idol

A-Meow-Ican Idol Finalists!

These 10 contenders have run the gauntlet of the TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats A-Meow-Ican Idol contest and come out on top! But only one can win and be the face of BuzzFeed's Cute badge for a week! Who has what it takes?

Jack Shepherd • 5 years ago

19 GIFs Of Cats Going Crazy For Treats

It's a well known fact that cats love treats! Especially TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats! A shake of the bag is all it takes to make your cat's mouth water. Come take a peek at these excited little guys.

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Temptations Cat Treats