The Most Famous Internet Cats Who Deserve To Be Treated

There are so many wonderful cats on the internet, but these felines are the best of the best. They diligently entertain us on the computer screen, so they deserve to be treated with the best, TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats!

1. Maru

Maru is arguably the most famous cat on the internet. While most cats love sitting in boxes, there’s something special about the way Maru squeezes into his. Maru definitely deserves treats for warming the hearts of literally everybody on the internet.

2. Pudge

Pudge is a majestic cat with an equally majestic mustache. Just look at the markings on her fur! She’s a beautiful specimen indeed.

3. Sockington

This little chap has over a million Twitter followers and his own “Socks Army.” If that doesn’t warrant any treats, then what does?

His tweets are hilarious and adorable.

5. Shironeko (and his gang)

You probably know Shironeko as “the most relaxed cat in the world” or “basket cat.” And you’ve probably seen pictures of him with random objects balancing on his head. Shironeko takes it all in stride with a sleepy smile on his face.

6. The Exotic Shorthair & Persian Cat Family

This Exotic Shorthair and Persian Cat family is one of the cutest things on YouTube. Even their names are adorable! The family includes Cooper, Pancake, Marshmallow, Mochi, and Daddy Jumbo.

7. Skifcha The Hipster Dubstep Cat

Video available at:

Skifcha is a Russian cat who is famous for “dancing” to a dubsteb song and wearing paper glasses in a Vimeo video entitled “stereo skifcha.” There have been many tributes to Skifcha, including a 10 hour loop video and fan art.

A cat of such fame and glory deserves some treats!

9. Futukan

Now if you want to see an amazing balancing act, Futukan beats all the rest!

You may also know Futukan as the adorable cat bathing in a bucket. It’s so rare for a cat to love baths, so this is definitely treat-worthy!

11. Winston Bananas

Winston is no normal cat. As showcased in his groundbreaking video, “Winston Isn’t Normal,” he really just doesn’t care about regular cat activities. He does what he wants. That’s very admirable for a celebrity cat.

12. Henri the Existential Cat

Henri’s head is filled with curious thoughts regarding life and cat naps. His deep, philosophical theories are taxing to his system, but he reveals them in his thoughtful YouTube series. Henri could use some cheering up with some cat treats!

13. Snoopy

Snoopy is a Chinese cat you should keep an eye out for. He is one of the latest cats to hit the scene, and boy is he adorable! His owner says he spends “17 hours a day sleeping, 2 hours a day playing, 1 hour a day grooming, 2 hours a day eating, and 2 hours in a trance thinking about a cat’s life.”

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