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How Could You Not Be A Daddies Girl With A Dad This Great?

For my dad <3

My Dad, Jeff-fa-fa


He could have made a great Bubbles.

He's got mad swag

some person

and zero f***s to give. BOSS.

His selfie game is on point....


....and consistant

again, rawr

Like really consistant

He's pretty bad ass

volunteer firefighter, wut wut

I mean really bad ass.

DonT meSs with JeFF

He's a bit of a goof

One of the funniest I know

He loves my mom


And is secretly quite a softy

He loves our pets

And I am so lucky because he's my dad

you've set the bar pretty high for any other man that comes into my life.

Thank you for everything dad, love you.

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