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What's The Best Book To Give For Father's Day?

Books are a great gift for Dad.

Jake And Lucas Father's Day Song

Original song by Jake and Lucas for their dad on Father's Day

11 Beautiful Things Amitabh Bachchan's Daughter Wrote To Him On Father's Day

"You have the largest heart, softest hands and warmest hug in the world."

Bad Ass DAD - Cedric "Homie" Lathan!

Always a provider of laughs, love, and needs! This dad keeps his wife, daughter, and adorable son (who might be an alien) feeling secure and smiling.

Having A Cool Dad

You know your Dad is cooler than you when.....

This One Goes Out To All The Daddios Out There...

To all the Daddios out there, this ones for you. Especially my daddio, Guido!

My Dad Is My Hero

Harrison Fisher. The man. The legend. My daddy.

What It's Like Having The Best Dad On The Planet

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." - Clarence Budington Kelland

After I Came Out, I Thought My Dad And I Would Never Be Close

Then my mom died, and I learned that all that time, he had been here, pondering me in the quietness of his heart.

Happy Father's Day 2015

Just a few reasons why our dad is better than yours ;)

10 Reasons Why Peter Sellers Is The Best Dad Ever

...definitely not the comedian.

10 Reasons Why My Dad Is The Best

Happy Father's Day to the best man in my life, Juan!

Happy Fathers Day!

To our daddyo of the patio

Fathers Day!!

Just trying a way to say how much we appreciate our dad, just a little bit different then we did the year before.

10 Things That Prove That Dads Are The Best

Like we actually needed proof...

This Father's Day, I'm Honoring My Dad With A Post On BuzzFeed

The following are just 25 reasons why my dad is hella rad

It's Official: Ryan Chase Is The Best Daddy In The World!

Ryan Chase excels in everything he does - education, friendship, humor, sports(except for maybe golf, but who is really that good anyways?!)...but the thing he is the absolute best at in this world is fatherhood. Without a doubt, Ryan is the world's best father to Carter Nathan Chase. The evidence is clear...

To The Super-Dad

Here's to the best man I've ever known.

Why My Dad Is The Best

I'm too poor to buy you anything for Father's Day, dad, but I thought I would make this to show you how much I appreciate everything you've done for me and how much I love you.

My Dad, The Superhero Of My Life

Ever since I could remember, my dad has been there for me. Now it is my turn to return all the love he has shown me.

Rigoberto, You A Real One!

A Father's Day post.

What Kind Of Dad Will You Be?

Would you be more protective, or a goofball?


Happy Father's Dad!!!! Here's a little quiz for you on this loving day!

Dad Reaction Pictures For Every Situation

I apologize ahead of time, Dad, for putting these pictures on the internet.

The Reasons Why I Love You Dad

Now I can be a real drama queen when I want to be and can be so annoying. You are the only one who can keep yourself level-headed and the others around you as cool as a cucumber. Here are the top-ten reasons why I love you Papa :D

Who Would Be Your Dad In The TV Show Of Your Life?

Would he be more of a Danny Tanner or Walter White?

Happy Father's Day From 8,194 Miles Away

An International Father's Day card for the best dad in the whole wide world!

An Ode To My Father

Dad, there are so many great things you've given me...

Dads And Kids Stare At Each Other And Then The Most Beautiful Thing Happens

"It doesn't compute until they're gone, so tell them now."

Happy Father's Day From 3,000 Miles Away

Sorry I'm too broke for anything but a $4.00 card and a free BuzzFeed post.

Rock Star Dad!

BDP is the best dad out there -- we are so lucky!

13 Reasons Todd Mathews Is The Best Father I've Ever Had

Just because he's the only dad I've ever had doesn't mean he can't be my favorite. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

17 Of The Most Inspiring Quotes For Father's Day

Wonderful quotes to celebrate wonderful dads.

15 Tweets That Prove My Dad Is Better Than Yours

Frank O'Cargius is the saviour of Twitter. LONG LIVE THE KING.

Why My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad


For A Not-So-Rusty Dad

Dad, you love to tell us you look great for your age, and it's true. Your name might be Rusty, but you're definitely not!

If Phil Dunphy Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Some Phil-osophical thoughts from the World's Best TV Dad.

Why Colin MacIntyre Is Dad Of The Year

Our favorite reasons his first year of fatherhood has been a great one.

13 Ways My Relationship With My Dad Changed When I Had Kids

How did you do it, exactly, Dad? I'm struggling here.

6 Reasons My Dad's Selfies Are Better Than Yours

Step aside, Kim K. -- Gary Gray is here.

12 Reasons My Papa Is The Best Papa!

'Cause Father's Day is the best day to tell you!

I Don't Know If I Can Ever Forgive My Dad For Keeping My Sister Secret

I've never been able to forgive my dad for not having a relationship with his other daughter. And I can't bring myself to have a relationship with her either.

Why Christian Boydo Wins The Award For The Best Dad Ever!

Just a few reminders of why Christian is pretty much full of awesomeness for this Father's Day.

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