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Bad Ass DAD - Cedric "Homie" Lathan!

Always a provider of laughs, love, and needs! This dad keeps his wife, daughter, and adorable son (who might be an alien) feeling secure and smiling.

Fathers Day!!

Just trying a way to say how much we appreciate our dad, just a little bit different then we did the year before.

It's Official: Ryan Chase Is The Best Daddy In The World!

Ryan Chase excels in everything he does - education, friendship, humor, sports(except for maybe golf, but who is really that good anyways?!)...but the thing he is the absolute best at in this world is fatherhood. Without a doubt, Ryan is the world's best father to Carter Nathan Chase. The evidence is clear...

Why My Dad Is The Best

I'm too poor to buy you anything for Father's Day, dad, but I thought I would make this to show you how much I appreciate everything you've done for me and how much I love you.

My Dad, The Superhero Of My Life

Ever since I could remember, my dad has been there for me. Now it is my turn to return all the love he has shown me.

The Reasons Why I Love You Dad

Now I can be a real drama queen when I want to be and can be so annoying. You are the only one who can keep yourself level-headed and the others around you as cool as a cucumber. Here are the top-ten reasons why I love you Papa :D

For A Not-So-Rusty Dad

Dad, you love to tell us you look great for your age, and it's true. Your name might be Rusty, but you're definitely not!

Here's To You, Dad

You've been a rock in our crazy family and quite an inspiration. Happy Father's Day, you goon.

Happy Father's Day

Thanks for being the greatest dad ever! Happy Father's Day '15!! -Sandy

An Ode To My Dad's Selfies

A poetic show of affection for my dad and his entertaining selfies on Father's Day. Let the humiliation begin.

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