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    • teec

      yes wat he did was wrong but this happened years ago people can never move on and let things go if chris and rihanna can move on and let it go and be 2gether then why cant every1 elseilove svu but they should have done this years ago just let it go and leave them alone there are normal people and whenisay normalimean that arent in the spot light that gets beat and they let it go and live their lives but its people lik yall and tv that wont let them be if the media didnt make suchahuge deal or made it bigger than it already was they would have stayed 2gether why cant people just leave them alone and let them be happy. yeah yeahikno chris was wrong but so was she kno1 should put there hands on any1 people 4get that she started it but cause hesaman its worst kno1 has the right2hit or beat up any1 LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE AND GETADAMN LIFE OF YOUR OWN YOU GUYS AND THE MEDIA POINT BLANK PEIROD

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