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Top 10 Fantastic Things About Winter's Arrival

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the last remaining remnants of fall are gone and winter is essentially all upon us. While winter might not officially start until December 21st, just taking a glance at the temperature will assure you that winter is in fact here. Check out this countdown of the top ten things about winter's arrival, and add your thoughts in the comments if you agree or disagree.

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10. Scarves and Bundling Up

With winter comes the need to stay warm when you venture outside. What's more enjoyable than throwing on three layers and a warm, fluffy scarf? Not really anything, actually. Sure, you might be so bundled that if you fall over you can't get up, but at least you're warm and toasty! Plus, that feeling of getting home and taking all the layers off is one of dreams.

9. Oscar Season

Going to the movie theatre is a popular winter activity, which is why the major studios choose to release the best flics in the winter. That, and that it's close to when the Academy Awards are held. Movie buffs wait all year for the arrival of winter, as it means the year's best films are all crammed into the theaters at once. This year, films like 12 Years a Slave, Captain Phillips, and The Wolf of Wall Street all look to be nominees for Best Picture this year, come early 2014.

8. Calendar Shops at the Mall

Who doesn't love going to a loud, crowded mall in search of the year's hottest calendars. Whether you're searching for 2014's cutest pugs to grace your wall or a year's worth of Shia Labeouf pictures, nothing beats browsing the pop-up calendar kiosk and finding a gem to put on your wall. Typically after New Years, these stores slash their prices dramatically. So stock up on all of your calendars, and get ready for some page flippin' action.

7. Playing in the Snow

Who doesn't love playing in the snow? No, seriously, is there anyone in the entire world that doesn't like playing in the snow? Probably not. Playing in the snow is pretty much the greatest thing ever, because it's snow, and you're playing in it. Even cats love playing in the snow, and cats don't really love anything.

6. Winter Sports

Many of us wait the entire year for snow to fall for one reason, and that's to hit the slopes. Snowboarding or skiing down a slope of fresh powder is one of the greatest rushes one can experience. Check out a snowboard guide in order to find the right board for you, and make this winter one of serious gnar-shredding. If snowboarding and skiing aren't your forte, why not try one of these odd winter sports.

5. Starbucks Holiday Cups

The Starbucks red holiday cups sort of have a cult following. Actually, sort of isn't the right word. People are obsessed with the Starbucks red holiday cups. In fact, there's even a website dedicated solely to informing people when the cups make an appearance. Filling up those cups with a peppermint mocha or gingerbread latte is equal to pure heaven on earth.

3. Getting Lots of Presents

Regardless of what holiday (or holidays) you celebrate, chances are you're going to get a present. Or two. Or maybe like, ten. Let's face it, getting presents rocks, no matter if you're 8 or 80. And when else do you get tons of presents aside from winter? Your birthday, maybe, but even then you probably don't score the loot that you do in December.

2. Office Holiday Parties

Offices can be a pretty boring place. The 9-5 grind leaves many tired and longing for some fun. That's why office holiday parties are just plain awesome. Shots with the janitor? Check. Butt photocopying? Check. Office holiday parties have them all. Just try your hardest not to be that person that consumes the most, because when you have to show up to work on Monday the embarrassment will just begin.