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Seven Ways To Have A Safe And Super Snowboarding Season

With winter just around the corner, how can you make sure you're ready to have the most unbelievably awesome (yet safe and affordable) snowboarding season you've ever had?

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1. Buy Your Lift Tickets Early

Whether you're buying a single day lift ticket to a far away ski resort or a season pass to a local mountain, buy early. Buying early will save you lots of money, and typically many ski resorts will only have a set number of discounted tickets before the prices take an astronomical jump. The earlier you're able to buy the lift tickets, the better chances you have of scoring a deal, and once you wait until November you'll probably be out of luck.

2. Get A New Snowboarding Jacket

There isn't anything quite as comfy as a big puffy snow jacket, and chances are that old ratty one you've been wearing since high school won't keep you warm any longer. In fact, it might even cause you to get hypothermia, which really isn't fun. Invest in a new snowboarding jacket so you can really enjoy your time out on the slopes. It will make your days a lot more fun, and likely a lot more dry too.

3. And Maybe A New Snowboard, Too

While you're at it, you might as well just pick up a new snowboard too. If you're at any snowboarding level passed beginner, it's important to choose a snowboard that fits both your skill level as well as your desired style of riding. Do some research and check out a guide on how to choose a snowboard. Having the right board can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your time out in the mountains, so make sure you have the right one.

4. Bring A Lunch

Everybody who has ever been to a lodge at a ski resort knows that the food is overpriced and sometimes not even that great. Not to mention, you might have to spend twenty minutes in line before you even reach the counter to order. If you've spent all morning shredding up the slopes, the last thing you want to do is wait in line for a while when you're starving. Bring a lunch and you can eat it up on the mountain with killer views, and you won't have to miss much time on the slopes.

5. Know Your Limits

One easy way to ruin your snowboarding season is to take a spill that could sideline you through February or March. Knowing your limits is important in every aspect of life, but it's especially important when it comes to action sports like snowboarding. Taking safety precautions before hitting the slopes is a good first step, but once you're out on the mountain it's important not to push yourself too much. Stick to the slopes that are best suited for your ability, and make sure you're able to enjoy the mountain all season long.

6. Gear Check, Gear Check, Gear Check!

Part of staying safe up on the mountain involves checking your gear multiple times throughout the day to make sure everything is running sound. Make sure you check all your snowboarding gear before heading out on your first run, and do lots of subsequent checks to make sure everything is okay.

7. Shred The Gnar!

Last of all, have fun. Challenge yourself a little bit (while still knowing your limits) and maybe try out a new run that you've never hit before. If you take a tumble, hopefully it isn't a bad one! There isn't anything much more enjoyable than a day out on the slopes, so enjoy your time out there.