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7 Huge Fantasy Football Mistakes You Can Make This Season

Miss the playoffs last year? Finish the season with one win? Make sure you're not "that guy" this year, and avoid the biggest fantasy football mistakes.

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1. Listening To What The Experts Are Saying


Okay, yes, it's definitely a good strategy to listen to take into account what some "experts" are telling you to do this Sunday. But should you base your entire lineup around what some ESPN talking head is saying? The answer is no! Be your own person, and make your own decisions)

2. Making An Irrational Trade (Or Four)


"OMG, Arian Foster hasn't lived up to my RiDiCuLoUs expectations in 2 weeks, I better trade him for Mark Sanchez!!!11one". Don't do that. Just, just don't. Stupid fantasy football trades are what sends teams to the bottom of the standings. Have faith in your roster a little bit, and don't make any irrational decisions after a week or two of sloppy play.

3. Forgetting To Start A Certain Player

Fantasy football comes with a lot of responsibility (especially if you're playing for money), so be sure you're on top of your rosters. Forgetting to start a certain player could mean a certain loss for you, which pretty much just sucks. Don't be that guy who realizes his starting QB is not playing this week, while his backup is tearing up the worst defense in the league.

4. Giving Up On Your League Or Not Paying Attention

There's always that one guy or gal in a league who shows up for the draft and then never makes a single lineup edit the entire season (and if it's a first timer, that person probably somehow won your league). DON'T BE THAT PERSON! Even if you're team is 0-4 to start the season, do not give up! Make some trades, do some research, and get back into the game. It's never too late to turn a season around, and no one likes that person who totally ignores the rest of the league.

5. Dropping A Player With A Minor Injury

So your 2nd round wide receiver has a strained quad and is going to be riding the bench for a few weeks? Don't drop him, you moron! Always keep on top of fantasy football injuries, but don't freaking drop a star player because he'll be out a few weeks! Fantasy football is played out over a long season, and missing a few games might hurt but it will hurt more losing that player for the rest of the season. Think long term, and don't do anything rash.

6. Procrastinating When Setting Your Lineup

What's that, you say? You sit down to set your lineup half an hour before the games start on Sunday? ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME? Succeeding at fantasy football means doing an ample amount of research on who to start during what weeks, and if you sit down to set your lineup right before kickoff, chances are you'll miss something. Do it at least 24 hours before, and leave lots of time for last minute adjustments.

7. Forgetting To Pay The League Manager

You bonehead. Your buddy has called you for weeks asking for your $50 but you've always said "I'll get it to you soon". Now you've won the league and guess what, everybody gets their money back. Again, don't be "that guy" that hasn't paid his due after the first week of the season. If you're going to play fantasy football for money, make sure you're good for it.