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6 People You Probably Should Not Invite On A Hunting Trip

There are always those friends you believe belong in real life version of The Most Dangerous Game. Perhaps that same buddy would have won the Hunger Games against Katniss and Peeta if such a tale was reality. So when you’re planning a hunting trip with a few friends, those other individuals don’t necessarily receive an open invitation. So when packing for your next duck, Yukon moose, whitetail deer, or even bear hunt, these select few men shouldn’t make it on the guest list. Pack your guns, crossbows, stock up on ammo from, but do not hunt when these men are nearby.

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1. Dick Cheney

He may stand at the top of the black list for terrible hunting partners. We all remember back in 2006 when the former Vice President of the United States accidentally struck a man in the face and chest with birdshots from his gun.

Steer clear of inviting the experience quail hunter for a weekend trip with your friends or family. Maybe he needs to check eye glasses prescription before the next time he goes hunting.

2. Plaxico Buress

Not only does the former New York Giants star wide receiver have a unique name, but he has a unique ability to make the headlines as well as the big game catches. Giants fans are thankful he chose to shoot himself in the foot after their Super Bowl win.

Everyone remembers the headlines after he illegally brought a handgun with him into New York City and accidentally shot himself in the foot at a night club. Even if you decide it’s safe with him on your hunting party, you can probably rest assured that his aim is terrible, he’ll most likely shoot strike himself in the other foot this time.

3. Gilbert Arenas

Should you bring a firearm into illegal federal state or not? I think you should. What was former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas thinking when he brought firearms to the locker room in Washington, DC? Stop, wait you don’t want to know what goes through his head.

Simply make sure Mr. Arenas doesn’t get a surprise invitation to go duck hunting. He doesn’t abide by gun laws. Therefore, he may not follow hunting permits and create a safe trip for everyone.

4. Bradley Cooper

If the movie Wedding Crashers taught people anything, it’s that Bradley Cooper is borderline insane, especially with a 12-gauge shotgun in his hands. Don’t let his mega movie star power blind you when joining a hunting trip. Yes, you’re best friend may have a cousin who’s buddies with Cooper and they want to bring him along. Do you want to end up like Vince Vaughan?

5. Aaron Hernandez

Even if you’re a huge fan of the New England Patriots and the talented tight end, this guy actually tops Dick Cheney on the “Do Not Invite” list for hunting. You couldn’t even invite him if you tried, unless he somehow miraculously got leave from prison. If a hunting accident occurred with him, you know he’ll plead not guilty. People are still shaking their heads at the stupid decisions of Aaron Hernandez and a waste of athletic talent.

6. Someone from France

The French have always loved to hunt. But recent research shows a 25% increase in hunting accidents in France. A large percentage of these accidents are self-imposed shots while hunting wild boars. Have the French been taking shooting lessons with Plaxico Burress? Although it’s sure on whether he was chasing wild boars in an NYC club or not.

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