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5 Weird Instruments That You Should Learn How To Play

Everybody plays the guitar or the piano. But how many people that you know play the sitar or the harpitar? Chances are, probably not that many. That's why you should be the first of your friends to learn to play one of these five weird instruments (given you can even find them. Hint, check eBay). Chances are you'll be the coolest person on your block if you can strum a nano guitar.

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1. Twelve-Neck Guitar

Chances are you've at one point or another seen a double-neck guitar and thought to yourself "whoa, that thing looks odd and difficult to play". Well, a double-neck guitar is a walk in the park compared to the twelve-neck guitar. The twelve-neck guitar has a whopping 72 strings, which is a lot more than you'll ever need. It's also, well, somewhat difficult to play, in the fact that it's essentially taller than most human beings.

2. Singing Tesla Coil

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When Nikola Tesla developed the Tesla Coil in 1891, he likely never imagined that one day it would be used to play "Sweet Home Alabama". Often called singing Tesla Coils, these devices are slightly modified solid-state Tesla Coils that are typically controlled by MIDI. They can be programmed to essentially play any song, and give quite the performance while doing so.

3. Guitorgan

What do you get when a guitar and an organ make a baby? You get a guitorgan, of course. A guitorgan is an electric guitar that has electronic organ components added into it. It effectively combines the two instruments together, meaning you can play guitar and an organ at the same time. It uses an expression pedal to fade the organ in and out over the guitar. It's something that you don't see at every concert you go to.

4. Nano Guitar

Okay, so you don't exactly "learn" to play the nano guitar, as, well, it's a guitar the size of a human blood cell. Yes, you read that correctly. The nano guitar is quite obviously the world's smallest playable guitar, containing six strings that can be "plucked" by something extremely tiny (although chances are you won't be able to hear the audio). The nano guitar was created by Cornell University scientists who unfortunately realized that the guitar they were creating for ants was far too small.

5. Game Boy music

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In a world where you can learn piano online, stream concerts to your television, and create musical instruments out of elecricity conductors, it's not surprising that people have figured out a way to make music from old Game Boy devices. Using one o more Game Boys and a type of software, musicians mix and scramble tones coming out from the popular handheld gaming device and create sounds and songs that bring us back to a simpler time.