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25 Reasons Why Mormon Men Are The Toughest SOBs On The Planet

Let's be honest, being a Mormon man is not easy, he never gets credit... until now. Here are 25 facts that you know to be true with every fiber of your being.

TCHappenings 6 years ago

Underwater Dubstep Concert

I got 90 people together and yeah, dubstep concert, underwater, friggin' fun

TCHappenings 6 years ago

We Found A Dog In The Middle Of Nowhere In Wyoming, Starved, Frozen, So We Took Him Home. Here's The Story.

We found a dog in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, starved, frozen, so we took him home. Here's the story.

TCHappenings 7 years ago

Getting Chased By Wolves At 120 Fps

Barely escaped with our lives.

TCHappenings 7 years ago

Biden Farting Preacher Debate

The resemblance was irresistible, Biden vs. Ryan vs. the Farting Preacher! Biden poops his pants.

TCHappenings 7 years ago