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    • Tazandra

      Alright. Here’s my simple view on the matter. There’s absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with breasts. Free your tatas to your heart’s content … so long as the time and place are appropriate for doing so. Pretty simple concept. Breastfeeding notwithstanding, whipping out your tits in the middle of the school is probably not the best idea. Doing so at a beach isn’t really that big of a deal, yet you do want to be mindful of those younger that are around you… viewing your now recently freed boobies. If you fancy going boob-wild and nipple-free, and then taking pictures of this adventure, be mindful of where those pictures are shared. If you’re wanting to share them in a closed setting between viewers that are of age and have no issue with seeing your bared breasts, that’s awesome. Sharing those same boobeh-nood photos online, in a public forum where anyone of any age can access and view them, is not only irresponsible … but verging on narcissistic egocentrism. If you choose to download an app for personal use, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service you quite often ignore, whether you read them or not they still apply to you. If Instagram does not want naked boobie pictures on their app, STOP POSTING NAKED BOOBIE PICTURES ON THEIR APP. If you choose to violate an app’s TOS, the same TOS you agreed to follow when you first downloaded this app, that app has right to remove any content in violation of their TOS. I think it’s pretty ridiculous to post content that you know fully well violates the terms of service you agreed to in order to use this app in the first place, and then you complain and whine and make it big stink out of the removal of this content and the injustice of all. Sweet weeping llamas … If you fancy uploading pictures of your bare breasts swaying in the fresh mountain air, then you bare away. If you’re wanting to upload those pictures for the entire world to see, either locate an app that specifically allows bare breasts in pictures to be uploaded without restrictions… Or create and/or purchase an app of your very own for the purpose you seek. Until then, if you choose to use the applications owned by other companies, I suggest following their terms of service. I apologize if there are any grammatical errors within my comment as BuzzFeed’s comment section is acting kind of wonky. :-)

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