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    34 Products So Practical You Might Just Use Them Every Day

    Living made easy.

    1. A chiropractic neck and shoulder relaxer that can help reduce pain in as little as 10 minutes a day! Its V-shaped curve and massage nodes work to support and relax your muscles.

    2. A super smart soap dispenser and sponge caddy that'll fill your sponge with the perfect amount of dish soap so you never waste any in your efforts to keep every dish perfectly pristine. Just press down and voilà!

    A sponge resting in the dispenser caddy

    3. A handy-dandy heated bag sealer you just slide over a snack bag to keep it airtight and safe from creepy crawlers.

    4. A pack of two flexible dryer vent cleaners because there's likely a bunch of trapped lint causing your cloths to still come out kinda damp. Use this to get all that gunk out, which will also help to prevent dryer fires!

    reviewer image of the dryer vent cleaner next to a pile of lint and dust

    5. A canvas Baggu tote cute enough to be your everyday bag and big enough to carry your everyday essentials. Secure your wallet or phone in its inner snap-closure pocket so you can window shop in peace.

    model carrying the adobe colored baggu tote from their shoulder

    6. Earbud-cleaning putty so you're listening to music instead of your built-up wax moonlighting as a DJ in your ears.

    reviewer image of the AirSquares cleaning putty covered in ear wax from AirPods

    7. A super cute cold brew maker if you've been slogging through each morning, too tired to even attempt to make coffee. Just prepare this the night before, and voila! Your first cup of morning joe just got a whole lot easier.

    reviewer image of the blue primula cold brew maker full of cold brew

    8. A narrow, four-tier sliding organizer rack perfect for creating storage in the space between your fridge and countertop.

    close up of a model pulling the 4-tier narrow sliding cart from between a fridge and countertop

    9. The Bacon Sponge — this biodegradable, 100% organic cotton sponge can absorb ten times its weight so you won't break a sweat cleaning up after a greasy meal.

    bacon resting on the bacon sponge which has absorbed all its grease and oil

    10. An oil-absorbing face roller made using absorbent volcanic stone that'll soak up any excess oil. Instant matte skin FTW!

    11. A durable pull-up bar that'll fit perfectly in your doorway for the occasional (or heavily regimented) set of chin-ups on your way to the kitchen!

    reviewer image of the CEAYUN pull-up bar installed in a doorway

    12. Anti-blister balm so you don't have to end a good night early because your ankles have been rubbed raw. This'll help prevent friction and irritation!

    reviewer's hand holding the roll on foot glide anti blister balm

    13. A soy, pet odor eliminating candle to fill your home with the soft and soothing scent of bamboo, blackberry, or citrus. Instead of, you know, kitty litter and wet pup.

    reviewer image of a lit lilac garden odor eliminating candle

    14. A surge protector with six pivoting heads because you shouldn't have to choose between keeping your laptop, phone, Echo, electric toothbrush (why is that in your living room btw?), or cordless vacuum alive. That's just inhumane.

    The surge protector

    15. A hand-washing strainer and bucket kit for your non-washing-machine friendly pieces. Designed to fit in your sink, this super convenient set can also be used to wash toys and vegetables!

    a model lifts the hand washing strainer out of the bucket

    16. A three-stage filtration Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier whose activated carbon filter will help rid your home of allergens, dander, odor, and dust, so you can breathe easier.

    Beagle lying next to a black and white air purifier

    17. A desktop ring light you can also clamp to your laptop because your Zoom aesthetic deserves to be seen in its fully lit glory. It can also double as a desk lamp!

    reviewer image of a lit up ring light clamped to an open laptop

    18. A Dr. Brite Electric Sonic Toothbrush will have your mouth feeling professionally cleaned after every brush! Goodbye plaque and bad breath, hello savings!

    19. A Kindle Paperwhite if your stack of To Be Read books is far outpacing your Have Already Read books. And now, this waterproof Kindle comes with Audible, so you can listen to your favorite true crime books while lounging in the bath.

    Hand holding the Kindle

    20. An insulated, stainless-steel travel mug for keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold as you go from home to work to the gym and back home. And this leakproof, double-insulated tumbler comes with straws to make life even easier.

    reviewer image of the bubble gum colored iron flask tumbler

    21. A cheerful linen oven mitt with heat-insulating padding so you can finally upgrade from the ones you've been using (ya know, the ones with burn marks and filling falling out) and cook in style.

    seven linen oven mitts of different colors

    22. An ergonomically designed scalp massager made to help soothe psoriasis, ease itchiness, and provide soothing sensations during your shower.

    23. A luxurious spa bidet from Tushy whose adjustable water temperature and pressure means you can create the optimal experience for you. Believe me, you won't be able to go back to just regular ol' toilet paper ever again.

    24. A no-pull dog harness that'll curb your pup's instinct to take you on a walk instead of the other way around.

    image of reviewer's dog wearing the rabbit goo dog harness

    25. A eucalyptus shower pouch for sinus and congestion relief that'll also make your bathroom feel like a rejuvenating spa. Each eucalyptus leaf was hand cut and then soaked in eucalyptus essential oil. Rejuvenation awaits!

    a eucalyptus shower pouch hanging from a bathtub's handle valve

    26. A TriggerPoint foam roller to help target specific muscles during your post-workout massages. It'll help with blood circulation and muscle tightness!

    27. A pet hair remover so you can finally reclaim your couch from the mob of fur that started taking over. And because it doesn't use disposable adhesive strips, you can use this thing over and over and over and over and...

    28. A 12-inch over-the-door rack with eight adjustable tiers sure to help you organize your kitchen pantry or hall closet! You can even mount this accommodating organizer on the wall.

    reviewer close up of 12-inch door rack with spices in each tier hanging from a door

    29. A stylish pair of leather wedges for a sunny stroll all around town. No, really! Because these shoes have orthopedic cushioning, you'll be able to be on your feet for hours.

    30. A NutriBullet blender because you deserve easy early morning smoothies. It has no problems crushing ice, incorporating peanut butter, or smoothing out fine seeds.

    a model fastens a lid onto the nutribullet blender, which is full of almonds, spinach, and fruits

    31. Stick-on lights if you need to be able to go to the kitchen for your midnight snack without facing the harshness of your overhead light. Each strip has adhesive backing, so need to whip out the tool belt for this project.

    reviewer image of kitchen cabinets with lighting installed underneath

    32. A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray so when you go to do your business, it stays *your* business. Just spray a few times into the bowl before you go, and leave the bathroom smelling like a spa since Poo-Pourri is actually made of essential oils!

    image of a reviewer's hand holding the 2 oz bottle of citrus poo-pourri

    33. An Alexa-compatible 2-in-1 air conditioner ready to help you save on your energy bill *and* save you from heat and humidity. Your room will be comfortably chill in a matter of minutes.

    reviewer image of the midea U-shaped air conditioner installed in a window

    34. A Simple Human drying rack that has a hanging rack for your wineglasses and a drip tray for everything else. This durable drying rack is made of stainless steel, so it won't rust on you.