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If You're Looking Forward To Doing Any Of These Things Post-Quarantine, You're Prolly Queer

If you've been holding your breath until the first karaoke bar near you opens up, you might be queer.

It has been a long 15 months for everyone. And now that the world is starting to open up, we're letting ourselves dream about all the things we'll be able to do soon.

But if any of the following activities make you unreasonably excited, your sexuality likely falls somewhere on that big ol' rainbow spectrum in the sky.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Going axe-throwing for the first time because of that scene in The Walking Dead where Maggie stoically throws a dagger at a log target. There's just something about the anger in her eyes...

2. Attending your neighborhood bar's themed trivia night.

3. Hosting a clothing swap event in your living room.

4. Hosting a themed dinner party and then trying not to be visibly upset when one of your guests clearly didn't even try to get a costume together.

5. Sitting in a corner of an independent bookstore, reading a book of poetry and un-dog-earing the pages someone left behind.

6. Hanging out with the cat at a house party. Yeah, you know everyone there and could easily have a conversation with any of them...but the cat thooooo.

7. "Shopping" at IKEA (A.K.A pretending to live there while lounging on their Karlstad couch, daydreaming about your crush "living" there, too).

8. Cry-singing when the DJ plays a trap version of Driver's License at the club.

9. Walking into a hair salon without an appointment and getting your hair bleached or buzzed.

10. Going to your friend's friend's stick-n-poke party and getting a little dagger on your ribcage. Or a heart on your middle finger. Or brass knuckles on your ankle. You know the vibe.

11. Asking a stranger when they were born then reading them their entire birth chart two seconds later.

12. Going to a karaoke bar with the list of bops that came out over the past year that you haven't been able to sing to a room of drunk friends yet.

13. Going to Target with no list, just vibes.

14. Having Main Character Syndrome™ while on public transportation.

15. Getting confused for a Best Buy employee because you accidentally wore a blue polo and khaki pants to Best Buy...again.

16. Taking a musical theater dance class so you can potabure with the best of them. Even if that just means dancing along to bootleg videos of Broadway shows on YouTube.

17. Seeing Robyn in concert. Enough said.

If you've written about doing any of these in your morning pages over the past year, welcome to the LGBTQIA+ consortium!

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