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    32 Cleaning Products That Might Actually Make You Like Cleaning

    Yeah, I said it. Cleaning can be fun. And I can prove it.

    1. A Clorox toilet cleaning kit complete with toilet wand, 16 disposable sponges, and storage caddy. You might just feel like a mighty germ-eliminating wizard with that wand in hand. And after killing 99.9% of germs, who could blame you!

    reviewer image of the clorox toilet wand and caddy

    2. A set of two cute puffer fish dryer buddies that'll help your laundry dry quickly and thoroughly, because that's what friends are for.

    reviewer image of a customer holding the two kikkerland puffer fish drying buddies in front of their open dryer

    3. A pack of fruity dish scrubbers crocheted to cleaning perfection. These durable nonscratch sponges will help make doing the dishes feel oh-so-peachy!

    three hand crocheted fruit dish scrubbers by a kitchen sink

    4. A bottle of red wine stain remover since Pinot Noir is too good to have to sacrifice in order to keep your carpets and clothes clean. Just shake, spray, and wait. Then keep sipping!

    5. A toilet bowl ring remover that'll help you scrub away any rust or lime buildup on your porcelain throne. Watching all that yuck vanish might just make you search for new yucks to vanquish.

    On the left a before picture of a customer's toilet with yellow stains. On the right an after picture of the stains gone from the toilet bowl.

    6. Silver polish if the reason you never whip out your good silverware is because you're too daunted by how tarnished they are. Just apply the cleaner to a cloth and wipe your silver pieces spotlessly clean.

    7. Two packs of streak-free stainless steel wipes so your appliances can get some lovin' too. These will remove residue, water marks, and grease while leaving behind a protective barrier to prevent smudges.

    8. A reusable and plant-based surface cleaner kit that comes with a refill, because once you start cleaning with this powerful formula, there won't be any going back. And don't let its fresh scent fool you, this cleaner is tough on grime.

    the public goods surface cleaner spray bottle and refill container

    9. Or a six-pack sampler of plant-based all purpose cleaners if you need more fragrances to choose from.

    the six pack sampler on a wooden table

    10. A pair of reusable dishwashing gloves that'll turn your hands into magical cleaners that don't have to get wet or touch the food stuck to your picky eater's plate. You can even use these gloves to wash your car, clean the tub, or rinse off vegetables!

    the blue reusable silicone dishwashing gloves on a model's hands

    11. A magically magnetic spot scrubber for cleaning the insides of your glass jugs, decanters, and bottles because you are not Elastigirl and your hand can't smoosh into tight openings.

    reviewer image of the spot cleaner being used to clean a glass jug

    12. A water-based 12-in-1 steam mop cleaner – it effectively (and safely) removes dirt and germs from just about any surface! Use it on your tiles, hardwood, glass, and button-down shirts and watch as they all return to their former glory right before your eyes.

    13. A six-pack of Lysol's toilet bowl cleaner that hang from the toilet rim and do all the work (so you don't have to) — which means that every time you flush, you're technically cleaning. It doesn't get any easier than that.

    Three packs of the Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Value Pack in Ocean Fresh

    14. A power scrubber ergonomically designed because cleaning doesn't have to be an uncomfortable activity. With three brush attachments, you'll be able to scrub *anything* clean. Grout? Clean. Stove? Clean. Rims? You guessed it, clean.

    15. A natural and eco-friendly cleaning kit from Blueland, so you can keep your home and the planet free of plastic and pollutants. Whenever you're out of the cleaners, just order a refill and reuse the sprays and bottles.

    The Everyday Clean kit from Blueland

    16. A rubber broom to help you figure out how much of your carpet is actually carpet and how much of it is your purrfect pet's fur. It's also great for mopping up liquid spills and squeegee-cleaning your windows!

    reviewer image of two dogs sitting on carpet next to a mound of fur swept up the the rubber broom

    17. A natural lemongrass-scented panty detergent designed to remove discharge stains so your undies look and feel good as new! Its formula is anti-bacterial, anti-yeast, and anti-mold, so you don't have to worry about any ickies getting back to you.

    several bottles of clean & cute panty wash

    18. A portable carpet cleaner with such great suction and scrubbing features, you should be able to spot clean *any* stubborn pet stains in your house or car.

    19. A guitar brush because trying to remove the gunk that's built up on your strings with a paper towel is just a bad idea (okay, yeah I tried that). With a gentle microfiber pad on one side that can fit under frets and bridges, and a soft brush to shoo away dust on the other, you'll be able to keep your guitar pitch perfect!

    20. A robot vacuum that quietly cleans under your couches and chairs, so you can focus on more important things. This smart vacuum has sensor to avoid falls and obstacles. Oh, and it automatically recharges!

    21. A pressure washer so you can hose the dirt and grime right off your car, boat, fence, patio, and more. You'll feel like a superhero blasting all that stubborn sludge away!

    22. A pack of Bottle Bright cleaning tablets that'll take care of the tough stains and persistent odors living in your travel mugs and water bottles. The best part is, there's no scrubbing involved. So you get super clean gear with minimal effort!

    23. A handy duster to clean your window blinds, air conditioner blinds, and car blinds. Just spray a little cleaner, and dust will be a thing of the past!

    A blind duster that looks like a fork to be able to clean each individual blind thoroughly

    24. Pair with a natural dusting spray for a gentle yet powerful way to remove dust. Plus, it's got a cinnamon orange scent that'll make you wanna dust *everything*!

    bottle of natural dusting spray

    25. Glisten Disposer Cleaner – it'll foam up and scrub your disposal, leaving a fresh scent behind instead of icky drain pipe odors. Um, did I mention that it FOAMS UP?! Okay, sorry, it's just that foam is cool...

    26. An air purifier to help get rid of any smoke, odors, dust, mites, allergens, or mold hanging around in your air. It's got a three-stage filtration system that is not only energy-efficient (woo!) but also 100% ozone-free (double woo!). Now, just sit back and enjoy your clean air.

    Reviewer image of Levoit air purifier on dresser

    27. An extendable microfiber duster perfect for reaching those dusty ceiling fan blades.

    reviewer image of a customer dusting their ceiling with the microfiber duster with extension pole

    28. A fun little microwave cleaner that'll steam up your microwave and make caked-on foods a breeze to remove. Just sit back and let angry mama take care of the rest.

    A steamer that looks like an angry human with steam holes on the "head" for steaming microwave

    29. Fast-acting mold and mildew remover because scrubbing for hours to remove stubborn stains is so passé. Cleaning your bathtub just got a whole lot easier.

    reviewer before and after pictures of a white fence; before it is green and covered in mildew, and after it is clean and white

    30. An angular brush to help you get into those hard to reach places where muck and crud love to hide. Now, they don't stand a chance!

    31. A lightweight Dyson vacuum you won't break your back carrying around the house to clean different rooms. Just charge this vac, and take it for a deep-cleaning spin!

    32. A cleaning gel (a.k.a slime) that'll pick up dust and dirt from your car vent, keyboard, phone, and so much more!

    a hand pulls the cleaning putty out of a car vent

    Now, you'll be cleaning your home like:

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