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11 Heartwarming Family Celebration At The Rio Olympics

It's a happy day for the families of the athletes too.

1. Let's celebrate! With moms!

Greg Baker / AFP / Getty Images

2. With dads!

Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images

3. With daughters!

Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

4. With sons!

Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

5. With your twin sisters!

Thomas Coex / AFP / Getty Images

6. With beloved husbands!

Odd Andersen / AFP / Getty Images

7. And your beloved wives!

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images

8. With family!

Phil Walter / Getty Images

9. No matter how big...

Kirill Kudryavtsev / AFP / Getty Images

10. ...or how small...

Buda Mendes / Getty Images

11. ...the Olympics is better with family.

Eric Feferberg / AFP / Getty Images

It's a happy day for everyone!

Greg Baker / AFP / Getty Images

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