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    Elle Fanning Dressed Up As Brad Pitt And It's Absolutely Uncanny

    Elle needs to make a TikTok showing how she created this uncanny look.

    This week, Elle Fanning went on The Tonight Show to promote her new Hulu show, The Great, and showed Jimmy Fallon something that left me in awe.

    "I'll give you no context and then I'll give you context," said Elle to Jimmy, right before showing him this:

    Jimmy couldn't believe it, saying, "Wait, wait, wait, is it really you? Like, what do you mean?"

    Yup, that's Elle Fanning as Brad Pitt in his "beard-bead phase," as Elle referred to it.

    Brad was really into his beard back in 2009.

    She explained that the show participated in what's called the Doppelgänger Challenge, where actors try to eerily look exactly like other celebrities. "The set of The Crown did it as well and our makeup designer did The Crown, so we were kind of in competition with them — and we totally won," said Elle.

    She also dressed up as Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York — complete with a homemade top hat.

    Impressive! Now that we're all in quarantine, maybe Elle can make a TikTok showing us how to create these looks.