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    There Was A Breakup On "Schitt's Creek" And Twitter Has So Many Feelings

    Twitter doesn't love this journey for us.

    The end of Schitt's Creek is approaching, which means we're going to see the Roses go through some major life changes ahead of the finale.

    Tuesday night's episode showed a *very* emotional breakup.

    Ted headed back to Schitt's Creek to surprise Alexis, and he had some huge news: He was offered a three-year contract to keep working in the Galápagos. He didn't want to break things off with Alexis but also didn't want to put his dream job on the line.

    Alexis encouraged him to go for the job, even though she loves him. It was a difficult decision, but she decided that there was no way she'd move to the Galápagos. They had one last romantic night together, and it's such a bittersweet moment.

    Annie Murphy, who plays Alexis, tweeted a sweet send-off to her former onscreen boyfriend Dustin Milligan.

    It was an honour and a privilege being the "xis" to your "Te", @DustinWMilligan #schittscreek #Texis

    Dustin said goodbye to his character with two hilariously bad puns.

    Welp! Huge thanks to the entire #Schittscreek cast, crew, and writing team for enduring 6 years of my bad and forced puns — I will miss you all dearly. But most of all, I’ll miss my long fringeship with horny Annie. Thanks for everything #schittheads!

    It's so heartbreaking to see Alexis and Ted break up again. Twitter obviously had tons of feelings about it.

    #schittscreek really ruined me tonight and it just goes to show that i’m not ready for this series to end soon. the development of alexis and ted both together and apart has been incredible and even though i love their relationship this was such a beautiful conclusion for them 🖤

    Many were tearing up over seeing Alexis and Ted go through so much, just to have their relationship not work out.

    I’m heartbroken. I’m devestated. I don’t have words. Please respect my privacy at this time. How could you do this to me @SchittsCreek? Is love dead? What do I have if Ted and Alexis can’t be together? WHAT’S THIS ALL BEEN FOR?

    I’m too emotionally invested in Schitt’s Creek and tonight’s episode absolutely destroyed me.

    I know Ted and Alexis ending their relationship is what's best for them moving forward in their careers but it hurts so much because they worked so hard to be together. I hope that someday they will meet again and maybe their timing will finally be perfect ❤ #SchittsCreek

    i just saw some awful schitt’s creek spoiler and now i’m very sad i’m heartbroken

    Others were proud of Alexis for making a big sacrifice to focus on her own career goals rather than leaving everything behind for Ted.

    This has been getting set up for a long time now. @danjlevy didn't do anything by accident in this show, and Alexis not dating Ted has always been a better Alexis. She WILL have her happily ever after as a kickass business woman. #SchittsCreek

    Potentially controversial opinion: I don’t hate this storyline for Alexis. I’ve always felt like her endgame was herself... self betterment, self care, self love. Ted taught Alexis how to love herself by loving her so well. She’s ready for this. #SchittsCreek

    Ted comes back from the Galapagos looking like a snack & thinking Alexis will want to talk...GIRL KNOWS HER PRIORITIES ☺️♥️🙌🏻🔥💋💕😏 #SchittsCreek

    Personally, I'm very here for Alexis finding her independence and becoming an incredible publicist. But damn, it still hurts so much to see her part ways with her true love.

    If you'll excuse me, I'll spend the day crying and thinking about Ted and Alexis.