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This Professor And His Adopted Pelican Had An Adorable Photo Shoot

We have reached beak cuteness.

This is Vladimír Komárek, dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague. He looks very professorial, right?

Then one day, this happened.

Komárek decided to pay a visit to his faculty's adopted pelican on Monday, which resulted in an adorable photo shoot.

In an interview posted on the school's website, the dean said the faculty had adopted a pelican at Prague Zoo, but he had never personally visited it.

So Komarek decided to see the pelican in person on April 11 and ask how he was doing!

The official seal of the medical faculties at Charles University also features a pelican, which is "one of the frequently used allegories of medicine."

Here is Komárek casually checking out a couple of pelicans.

But he has eyes only for one.

"I'll never let go." —Komárek to pelican, probably

Vlad and Pelly FOREVER!

H/T @dearleyli

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