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9-Year-Old Wingwalkers Break World Record To Raise Awareness About Friend's Disease

The schoolgirls became the world's youngest formation wingwalkers. They were inspired by the plight of their 6-year-old friend who has muscular dystrophy.

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Nine-year-old cousins from England, Rose Brewer (L) and Flame Brewer, became the world's youngest formation wingwalkers. They wanted to raise awareness about a charity dedicated to treating muscular dystrophy, reported The Daily Mail.

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Rose Brewer (L) and Flame Brewer (R) prepare to wingwalk over Rendcomb airfield in Gloucestershire.

Their six-year-old friend, Eli Crossley, suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His parents have set up a trust to raise money for research and treatment to cure Eli and other children suffering from the condition.


Rose told The Daily Mail, "It’s quite scary when you take off but if you like mega funfair rides I think you’ll find the take-off really cool. The best bit was probably taking off or doing the Superwoman pose."


Rose: "It is dreadful that the older children like Eli get, the less able they become to do things that I take for granted."

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"It feels really nice to have done something to help Eli and hopefully get lots of people to know about the Duchenne Children’s Trust."

Emily Crossley, Eli's mom and founder of the trust said, "We are very honored that Rose and Flame are wingwalking to break a world record to help raise awareness of our charity."

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"This is a disease that desperately needs a cure. For other young children to be moved to help our child and hundreds of thousands of boys like him is very humbling."