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Have Your Eyes Witnessed The Explosively Sexy New Pop Sensation From Pakistan?

This song went pretty darn viral on the Internet in South Asia. Watch it with your fabulous excellent eyes.

Taher Shah is a self-proclaimed singer, lyricist, writer, model, actor, producer, director and businessman from Pakistan. He recently released his debut song "Eye To Eye."

The song is about eyes. There are many eyes in the song. All of them belong to Taher Shah.

There are also many Taher Shahs in the song.

Then there are two completely different Taher Shahs. They acknowledge each other's eyes.

Sometimes there is a picture of Taher Shah behind him. He looks angry in it.

Suddenly the anger dissipates and he smiles. Because of all the eyes.

All the fabulous, exciting eyes.

Different types of eyes. Like human ones.

Taher Shah sees everything with his spectrum eyes.

Taher Shah is a true visionary.