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A Photographer Is Helping Shelter Dogs Get Adopted With These Adorable Pictures

A struggling animal rescue center in Oroklini, Cyprus is getting donations and adoptions thanks to Stuart Holroyd's photography skills.

Kayte Wilson-Smith was struggling to get more than 60 dogs adopted at the small kennel she runs in Cyprus, Bay Tree Rescue.

When photographer Stuart Holroyd moved to the same village as the kennel, Oroklini, he heard of the pups in need and decided to help out.

Holroyd told BuzzFeed News that stray dogs in Cyprus are frequently beaten, poisoned, or killed. Many mistreated and disabled dogs are dumped outside Bay Tree Rescue where Wilson-Smith loves and nurtures them back to heath.

When Holroyd met Wilson-Smith last year, she was running low on food, resources and donations for the shelter, which holds more than 60 dogs.

So in March, Holroyd started The Bay Tree Project to raise donations and help these dogs get adopted by people across the world.

He photographed some of the shelter dogs and composed pictures based on each of their personalities and backstories.

For instance, Milly is pictured lying on a beach because a disability in her hind legs has earned her the moniker of "Milly the Mermaid."

Costa is blind and hopes to get adopted by someone in the UK so that he can have an operation to restore his sight.

The project has helped some of the dogs get adopted and contributed to a few donations, but Holroyd hopes to make a bigger difference to the dogs at Bay Tree.

A book featuring the dogs of The Bay Tree Project will be published later this year, Holroyd told BuzzFeed News. All the proceeds will go to the rescue center.