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31 Things That Could Happen Only In India

"Love for all, heatred for none."

1. This kindergarten school.

2. These onion ninjas.

3. This restaurant.

4. This comment below a movie trailer on YouTube.

5. This bumper sticker.

6. This exclusive type of tea.

7. This poster of a missing man with a "medum body, face round and half shart."

8. This prevention of theft.

9. These visitors with superhuman strength.

10. This musician who really, really, likes gold.

11. This newspaper that outed Neil Armstrong.

12. This object for sale.

13. This man's swag office.

14. This railway toilet that no one should ever bathe in.

15. This government form.

16. This news anchor who forgot she was on television.

17. This honest advertisement seeking a bride.

18. This fire extinguisher.

19. This creepy sign.

20. This missed connection on YouTube.

21. This perfect unison of a stool and a chair.

22. This inseparable politician and handbag.

23. This intriguing television show plot.

24. This rather disturbing Harry Potter movie poster.

25. This legit sexpert.

26. This bleak advertisement for a job search website.

27. This broad-minded hostel.


29. This warning.

30. This fabric softener advertisement.

31. This elegant dance move.