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The 15 Best Internet Reactions To The USA Women's World Cup Win

The U.S. Women won their third World Cup on 4th of July weekend and set a ton of records and it was so American it almost hurt. These are some feels we all felt on Sunday.

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Oh Captain, My Captain

American Captains, ranked: 1. Abby Wambach 2. Captain America

Captain America wears an Abby Wambach jersey in his free time. Probs.

"Umm...Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?"

Carli Lloyd's half field shot had me like... #USWNTS #FIFA2015 #ChampionsAlways

You can't just nab a hat trick in the 16th minute of the World Cup Final on a shot from midfield just as I've chomped down on some nachos, Carli. #WHATJUSTHAPPENED

I'm not crying...


The jalapeno poppers are getting to me...and I love Christie and Abby and this is just a beautiful moment and FINE I'm basically ready to let loose a tear waterfall.

When you miss a goal because you blinked...

How you gonna go up four goals before I've finished my first whiskey drink?

Carli Lloyd > Everyone

Hell, if she could just tell us what she eats for breakfast that would be a huge help.

The Classic Jersey Name Pun


The Best Offense is a Good 'Eff You

Carli has no time for haters.

Lady Foot-lockin' down the Cups for America

That's 3 women's World Cup championships for the USA, but if you add in the men's victories, it's 3 cups overall.


The MVP and the GOAT


Witnessing a historical moment between a legend and her successor? ✔

"I'm in a glass case of emotion!"

USWNT had me I want to be you, or marry you?

Girls Just Wanna Have Grass

So next time they get real grass, prime time broadcast, and equal pay, right? #USWNT

Do we have to ask again or should we just have the woman take some of those roster spots on the men's team that have gone to waste for generations?

Get. On. Their. Level.

No but seriously men's soccer, Carli and the ladies just straight put you on blast.

"Do we have to do everything ourselves?" - USWNT

It's funny because it's true.


The only thing Americans may love more than kicking ass and taking names is seeing those athletes celebrate with their loves. #YouCan'tHandleTheCute

Sorry Not Sorry

Call it what you want. We'll just sit back and be the World Cup Champions. K thanks.

Header Photo Credit: Love @ll (Flickr)

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