What Are Some Of Canada’s Truly Hidden Gems?

Because there is more than Niagara and Montreal.

1. We all know Canada is a breathtaking country.

Creative Commons / Flickr: bradwilke

2. But it seems travel ‘zines and trip planners list the same “you need to visit” attractions every time.

Creative Commons / Flickr: josullivan59

Creative Commons / Flickr: thru_the_night

Creative Commons / Flickr: arnebornheim


3. Canada is NOT just Toronto and Quebec: There are some truly overlooked cities/sites/places that deserve much more love.

Creative Commons / Flickr: ecstaticist

It could be a local hang-out, a restaurant, or even your own backyard. Every country has its spots that international travel guides might gleam over.

(Above: the sprawling country of Saskatchewan.)

4. So what are your favourite Canadian hidden gems? Let us know in the comments below!

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