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This Facebook Page Is Documenting The Sad Reality Of Homes Vanishing In Vancouver

Van-ishing City.

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Caroline Adderson, a writer, novelist, and adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia, has been taking photos of character homes in Vancouver at risk of demolition...


"I think the extent of the problem becomes quite obvious when you realize I take most of these pictures walking my dog in the morning."

Adderson lives on the West Side of Vancouver, where the problem has become prominent.

Adderson was inspired to create the Facebook page — which she calls a "lament for, and celebration of, vanishing homes" — after pressing city council with her concerns about rampant demolitions for a year, and nothing being done.

Adderson wants people to know that these houses are not replaced with apartments that could provide more housing, but larger and more luxurious houses that cost almost double.

And the property isn't the only thing that's lost: "With the original house — handcrafted from natural materials — goes many of the trees on the lot (we lose 7 healthy mature trees a day due to development)," she added. "[As well as] the mature garden, the affordable basements suites that many of these houses have, and the history and narratives embodied in the house."


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