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Uber Is Testing A Breathalyzer Station That Hails Drunk Drivers Free Rides

"You drink, we drive."

Uber has installed a breathalyzer kiosk on the streets of Toronto in an attempt to "curb drunk driving".

Rethink / Uber

The custom prototype, called "Uber Safe", was rolled out for a few nights in Tdot last month.

The kiosk is designed to, first, dispense a disposable straw into which users blow for six seconds.

Their alcohol content will then be calculated.

If you're over the driving limit, it will auto-hail a driver to pick you up at that location.

The screens will prompt notifications like "finding a pickup location" and "requesting a driver".

Then, ideally, your Uber arrives to take you home — for free.

In the promo video, they underscore the statistic that drunk driving accidents in Canada triple after midnight.

A spokesperson for Uber Canada told BuzzFeed that their experiment has already had great responses from Torontonians, and to "stay tuned" to where the Uber Safe breathalyzer might pop up next.

Rethink / Uber

"We’ve been thrilled by the interest this has generated and we will continue to find ways to help people remember that ride-sharing is a responsible choice," said Susie Heath of Uber in Canada. "In terms of where we might take the Uber Safe breathalyzer next... stay tuned!"