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Uber Is Testing A Breathalyzer Station That Hails Drunk Drivers Free Rides

"You drink, we drive."

Uber has installed a breathalyzer kiosk on the streets of Toronto in an attempt to "curb drunk driving".

The kiosk is designed to, first, dispense a disposable straw into which users blow for six seconds.

Their alcohol content will then be calculated.

If you're over the driving limit, it will auto-hail a driver to pick you up at that location.

The screens will prompt notifications like "finding a pickup location" and "requesting a driver".

Then, ideally, your Uber arrives to take you home — for free.

In the promo video, they underscore the statistic that drunk driving accidents in Canada triple after midnight.

A spokesperson for Uber Canada told BuzzFeed that their experiment has already had great responses from Torontonians, and to "stay tuned" to where the Uber Safe breathalyzer might pop up next.