26 Truths Of Being Raised In A Big City

You somehow managed to stay alive with 0 street cred.

1. You were trusted to take public transportation by yourself at an age when you probably shouldn’t have been.

2. Consequently, people thought you were always lost.

3. You learned very quickly the difference between a sane and quirky person.

4. And people who live there and those who were only using your city as a prop.

5. You never properly learned how to ride a bike.

There was never enough open space or your parents always feared a bike would get stolen.

7. You quietly judge those who claim they’re from your city but actually live 20 minutes outside.

8. Your childhood classmates basically composed a mini UN.


9. You’ve had long pensive plans of ditching the urban life and trying the Henry David Thoreau thing out.

10. But nature is pretty effing terrifying, so you’ve scrapped that.

And you would never survive anyway.

11. With the right ID, there were unending things to do on a Friday night.

You had access to places and, um, recreational things at an age when you probably shouldn’t have had access.

12. Which meant you’ve hit and explored most bars before you were 21.

13. You knew going grocery shopping with mom meant having to help carry something really heavy for really far.

14. You had at least one crazy neighbor you were advised to stay away from.

15. You’ve secretly always wanted to experience a real high school backyard/basement kegger party.

And you imagine they’d look exactly like the one above.

16. You occasionally had gym class in a public park and were on constant lookout for broken bottles and/or needles.

Irina1977/ Shutterstock

17. You now realize how expensive your childhood bedroom view was.

18. There was always more than one type of lock on the door.

No matter how safe or unsafe your building was.

19. You’ve developed a wide taste palate for street foods.


20. You’re grateful your personal style wasn’t confined to Aeropostale or Hollister (although they’ve become novelty brands to you).

21. There were times when your parents had literally no idea where you or your friends were, and it was okay.

22. Because you and your friends were always just….hanging around.

The streets became your playground or mall after school.

23. You were always asked if your upbringing was just like [reality TV show/movie that took place in your city].


24. You find yourself getting extremely possessive of your home turf.

25. And unintentionally aggressive with transplants…

26. Because—if we can be real—nobody can rep it quite as hard as a native.

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