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    17 People Who Are Ruining It For Everyone Else In Canada

    We knooooow, it’s unusually warm… WE KNOW.

    1. We get ittttttttttt. It's shockingly warmer-than-usual across the country at this time of the year.

    Everyone's so happy that it's warm & there's no snow, but it lowkey terrifies me that there's no snow yet, this is Canada & it's December...

    2. But c'mon...

    I cannot believe how warm it is for this time of year in Canada it's like spring weather


    Hey Canada you forgot that it's December, why is it so warm?


    it's so mild for december, ESPECIALLY CANADA WTF MAN. apparently it hasn't been this warm in december since 40 years ago, damn. I WANT SNOW


    why is it so warm in Canada I want snow I hate everything

    6. So for those who won't stop pointing it out (don't you know the weather gods are listening?!)...

    it's way too warm for it to be December in Canada...

    7. Let it go...

    I hate that it's December and it's warm enough to wear shorts. What the hell, Canada

    8. ♪ ♫ Let it gooooooooooo ♩

    9. ♪♪ Please hold it back some more...

    48°F 9°C right now... WTF CANADA!? WHY YOU SO WARM! Gimme some -5°C PLEASE

    10. Let it go.

    why. is. toronto. so. warm. in. december

    11. LET IT GO.

    i need to have a conversation with Canada... you are not doing your job of making me COLD!!!!

    12. Turn away and OPEN your door ('cause you still can).

    it's pretty warm for Canada .... considering it's almost Christmas

    13. I don't care... ♬

    uh....I am pretty sure a moth just fly by me. In December in Manitoba :/ weirdly warm

    14. What they're going to say... ♩ ♪

    I live in Canada and its December 11th why don't I see any snow like it's not even cold

    15. Let the temporary warmth wage on.

    I'm in Canada. It's December. Why is it warm and rainy? I'm very confused.

    16. The cold has always bothered me — AND YOU TOO you're lying to yourself if it hasn't — ohhhh, hot chocolate and oversized sweaters? BULLSHIT. YOU'RE INSIDE! When you're commuting to work in -25 degree nipple-freezing snow-winds every morning, let's talk.

    An unseasonably warm and foggy December day here at Winter-Hebert studios. #Quebec

    17. LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!

    Today in Canada it's 20c and we found a bee. Never in my life has it ever been so warm out 12 days before Christmas

    Great, now we're jinxed. Why we can't have nice things.

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