15 Times You Wished “The Big Comfy Couch” Was Real Life

And clowns weren’t the scary crux of your childhood.

1. When you could live in a world where tidying up takes 10 extremely enjoyable seconds.

2. And it’s socially acceptable to stuff things into the cushions of your couch.

3. When you can be a grown ass woman who’s unabashedly best friends with a doll.

4. …that can telepathically communicate with you.

5. (and you guys really get each other.)

6. When dust bunnies actually make really cute scraggly pets.

7. When your limbs controlled the hours of the day.

8. And you could really fuck with time.

9. When you really wanted a pair of comically oversized reading glasses.

10. And a sassy clown who delivers your mail on unicycle.

11. When your grandmother was an accordion-playing Russian clown named Granny Garbanzo.

12. And it was perfectly normal to break up your days in impromptu dance numbers.

At your own private studio called “Dance Academy.”

13. When waking up was as easy as:

14. And falling asleep came as quickly as:

Lounette obvi never had grievances over insomnia.

15. When you could literally live your life on your couch. Oh wait…


Yeah, you can go ahead and blame Lounette and Molly for that bad habit.

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