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19 Things That Are Perfectly Normal In P.E.I.

You do you, P.E.I. 'Cause haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

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1. When one person offered a pretty standard trade on the island.

3. This morning exchange:

"Hi!" "Hi, how are you?" "Good" "Good. Nice day!?" "Beautiful." A conversation that I've already had 42 times today. #OnlyInPEI #Maritimes

4. When some beach-goers went to the beach, as beach-goers do.

Nothing to see here.


5. When their Potato Museum put out a little roadside attraction.

9. When the local paper ran this very necessary photo caption of their former Premier.

10. When a fox maintained eye contact while licking its nose.

12. When they overstocked their vault of emergency storm chips.

Hmmmm all chips are in the fridge. At the store. Older lady asked if all the chips will go soggy. Interesting. #pei


13. Anytime there's a special entrance for lobsters.

#onlyinpei does our @McDonalds have an entrance for #PEI #Lobster

14. When one man needed to raise some funds for his dream wedding. is one way, this is another.

15. When P.E.I-ers proved the real power of resourcefulness and recycling.

@OnlyinPEI Microwave mailbox = dry mail in Iona #recycle #PEI

16. And one late night vendor pushed back against the government with a powerful quote.

17. But nothing was more P.E.I. than when a a wee bit of snow dusted the province this year...

18. And tried to ruin winter altogether.

A real news headline has since replaced the news item that was originally used in #7, which was from a satirical news site.