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20 Times Karma Did God's Work

What goes around comes back around EPICALLY.

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1. When someone struck bunny ears.


3. When these guys finally felt that warm, disturbing sensation.

4. When this guy tried to pull a fast one on an innocent bystander.


5. And thought he was Jokey McJokester.

6. But the joke's on you, David Beckham.

7. When this guy lost a backpack of personal belongings and it probably wasn't worth it.

8. When one hitchhiker took advantage of a good deed.


9. When a club chick felt so badass the night before.

10. When a tow truck parked in an illegal spot.

11. And when the police got ticketed.

12. When this guy thought he didn't have to play by the rules.


13. When this impatient douche chose to completely ignore the cones.

14. When this pretty lady was an asswipe for no reason.

15. When this girl acted quickly, and karma did too.

16. When this guy tried to play smooth criminal.


17. When this betrayed wife got her sweet, sweet revenge.

18. I think the lesson here is that when you've done something shitty in your life or in a past life....

19. will always catch up to you.

20. So enjoy your lava butt.