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    This Is How Much Your Body Parts Are Actually Worth

    Y'know, just in case...

    In 2012,, an online resource for aspiring medical transcriptionists, created an infographic quoting how much certain organs and limbs would sell for (based on black market value and medical demand). The graph also explains why corpse listings on the black market is not as creepy or absurd as we might think.

    If you were at all curious (or short on rent this month... JUST KIDDING), this is what your body is worth:

    Pair of Eyeballs: $1,525

    Skull with Teeth: $1,200

    Scalp: $607

    Shoulder: $500

    Coronary Artery: $1,525

    Heart: $119,000

    Liver: $157,000

    Hand and Forearm: $385

    Spleen: $508

    Stomach: $508

    Small Intestine: $2,519

    Kidney: $262,000 (in the U.S.)

    Pint of Blood: $337 (in the U.S.)

    Gallbladder: $1,219

    Skin: $10 per square inch (on average we have about 264 square inches of flesh, so cash that in at ~$2640)

    Grand total: $551, 473 *

    *will vary based on how much skin you have