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This Chinese Millionaire Has The Most Ridiculous Business Card

One of the wealthiest CEOs of China doesn't quite live up to his job descriptions.

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And this is the English business card he hands out to foreign clients and correspondents. It details his illustrious titles and accomplishments.

Business Insider reporter Adam Taylor shared this incredible card after he personally received one from Chen.


But as much "good" as he has done, the Chinese public has always been highly skeptical of his intentions.

China Daily / Reuters

And for good reason. In 2010, Chen boasted his donation of 1 million yuan for Haiti relief efforts to an organization that actually didn't exist.

Looks like Chen doesn't quite live up to the "Most Influential Person of China," "China Moral Leader," and/or the "Most Well-Known and Beloved Chinese Role Model" :/

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

And let's not forget "China's Foremost." Whatever that may mean.