This Artist’s Cute Little Creations Will Bring A Smile To Your Face Today

Victor Nunes will change the way you look at common-day things. Seriously, what a whimsical imagination he must have.

1. Artist Victor Nunes turns everyday objects into sets of cute and quirky doodles.

2. He launched his Facebook page only 2 weeks ago and it has already amassed over 4,000 followers.

3. Its only message is in Portuguese: “Nesta página você vai encontrar muitas carinhas e outras coisitas mais. E com bom humor!”

Which translates to “On this page you will find a bunch of little faces and other little things. And with great humor!” in English.

4. And with great imaginative humor they are:

19. Outlook on life and crackers: FOREVER CHANGED.

20. Follow Victor’s playful creations here!

h/t 22 Words

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