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    19 Things You Can Only Get Away With In Montreal

    C'est la vie (bizarre).

    1. Protesters sending this to police after they were forced to disclose their march route.

    2. And police "observing" a group of student protesters who went nearly naked to combat rising tuition.

    3. This qualifier for salad.

    4. This public outcry at Nuit Blanche.

    5. Sexy graffiti.

    6. Sexy mannequins.

    7. Sexy pizza.

    8. And sexy window displays to showcase local, mom-and-pop businesses.

    9. Like optometry!

    10. Sperm plush toys for the kids.

    11. And whatever the hell this is.

    12. Designating special seats for their seniors.

    (For those concerned, it was for an art display.)

    13. Not letting a little Montreal winter ruin a night out.

    16. (And somehow still looking good doing it.)

    17. This inspired washroom sign.

    18. Strip clubs and exterminators who share the same landlord.

    19. And the whammy of devastatingly beautiful drunk fare when you thought you had ordered "just a burger and fries."

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