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The Friend Who Stole This Woman's $100 Winning Tim Hortons Cup Is The Fucking Worst

Terribly un-Canadian-like.

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Roll Up The Rim season brings out the best, and simultaneously worst, in Canadians.

When Coward attempted to redeem her winnings with the PIN number on the cup, Tim Hortons told her someone had already claimed it. Apparently one of her 900 Facebook friends took the PIN number from her photo, and went online to redeem it for themselves.


While Coward is not entirely sure which one of her friends stole her winnings, "she has an idea who it might be," her daughter told BuzzFeed Canada.

"Needless to say I was upset," Coward told The Telegram. "I feel stupid for posting the pic. However, I didn’t know, along with a lot of my other friends, that you can redeem online."

The Tim Hortons representative she was on the phone with said for privacy reasons they could not give out the email of the friend who redeemed it online.

She was floored. In a dramatic plot twist, she noticed her Facebook friend count had gone down BY ONE after the incident.

Coward's daughter says she only wants to raise caution for other Roll Up The Rim players, and "hopes the friend will put [the card] to good use, or maybe take her on a Tims date."

Ms. Margaret Coward: You are the winner in more than one way, and may we we wish a bitter cold Canadian wrath on your Facebook "friend."