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    Teens Are Dabbing To Their Grades That Spell Out "DAB"

    And maybe, hopefully not-so-proud of that "D"?

    Teens in the UK recently received their school results, and some of them just could not help themselves when their three letter grades fatefully spelled out D-A-B.

    And they, of course, dabbed to it.

    Do you feel old yet?

    Because look how proud they are of this.

    Like it's the crux of their accomplishments.

    And it's not just young Brits. Teens in North America have also been sharing their D-A-B grades. Again, quite proudly and smug.

    And like it was the silver lining to less-than results.

    I mean, OK???


    Who knows anymore.

    What a time to be alive, I guess.

    But hey! Here's one DAB-worthy goal to strive for! Eh? Eh?

    Twitter: @mirabostic18


    An old.

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