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A House In Canada Was Infested With Over 100 Snakes, Residents Shockingly Do Not Burn It Down

Snakes on a plain! No, seriously, what is going on in Regina.

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According to the local Salthaven West wildlife shelter (who initially got the phone call), the family first found an infestation of garter snakes in their stone basement. But as they started searching, they uncovered a slew of tiny snakes slithering in various cracks and crevasses throughout the entire house.

"They were starting to end up everywhere in the house," Megan Lawrence, the Director of the Regina wildlife shelter, told CBC News. "They were in tight spaces: Cracks in the floors, cracks in the walls, between boxes, underneath things — anywhere they could get into basically."

The wildlife center went into the home this past weekend and used pillowcases and buckets to trap and transport the snakes because they were "quickly moving".

Facebook: SalthavenWest

The Salthaven West shelter counted 56 snakes in this batch, and posted the image to their Facebook page.

But as they started to capture and contain some of the unwanted house guests, they found even more. "We just were, you know, picking up boxes and things off the floor and just found them and just caught them by hand," said Lawrence.

She estimates the largest snake was nearly one meter long (about 3 feet), and the shortest was approximately 22 cm.


Apparently snakes hibernating in Canadian homes is common this time of the year.

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum's Head of Research and Collections says they get a lot of calls about snakes wriggling into peoples' homes to seek warmth: "The snakes know winter is coming."