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13 Signs You Grew Up In A Musical Family

According to Broods.

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Together, siblings Caleb and Georgia Nott comprise the New Zealand indie pop group Broods.

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The fact that both Caleb and Georgia are gifted musicians is not a coincidence — they were raised in an entire family of musicians. During a recent visit to BuzzFeed, they reflected on things that everyone who grew up in a music family can identity with.

1. You've sung around a campfire.

Georgia and Caleb's family would go camping and "every single night, all the youngest children sang children's songs" around the fire. "Oh, and dance," Georgia added.

2. Or practically any time your family and extended family were in one place. But especially during holidays.

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Not only is everyone in the immediate Broods family a musician, everyone in the extended family is too. Which makes holiday gatherings pretty amusing, Caleb said. “Our uncle gets out his guitar, and grand-dad gets on his keyboard..."

3. There were more instruments in your house than there were people.

Not only did each member of Georgia and Caleb's family play an instrument, each member played multiple instruments: “Mom plays the most," Georgia said."She plays keys, guitar, and the flute."
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Not only did each member of Georgia and Caleb's family play an instrument, each member played multiple instruments: “Mom plays the most," Georgia said."She plays keys, guitar, and the flute."

4. Which means it was virtually impossible for you NOT to start playing something at a super young age.

“When you’ve got like 7 guitars and pianos just lying around your house, it’s pretty hard not to pick it up," Caleb said. As a kid, he admitted, he used to mimic the motions on a fake wooden guitar.

5. You're used to hearing someone in the house practicing their vocals in the shower.

The Notts told us that sometimes they'd hear multiple people in multiple showers singing multiple different songs at the same time. Which is really, really adorable.

6. You grew up thinking everyone was a musician.

The Nott household was so immersed in music that , as kids, Georgia and Caleb had a hilarious disillusion that “everyone was good at music."

7. And you thought your parents were rock stars IRL.

"Playing instruments and singing, especially when you were really young, you tend to really look up to your parents," Georgia explained.

8. At one point or another, you and your family have joked about starting an actual FAMILY BAND.

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9. And you put on a few mini-concerts for mom and dad as a youngin'.

"We were pretty atrocious back then," Georgia laughed, reminiscing. "But it was hard not to get invested in it."

10. Your family had its own versions of singing car games for road trips.

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On long car rides with the family, the Nott kids wouldn't play the standard "I Spy" games, but would sing to pass the time, Georgia said. "Let's sing a round!" someone would exclaim, and they'd break out into song.

11. Your idea of a responsible day job is being a paid musician.

While all of his high school friends were pulling minimum wage jobs, Caleb would "do one afternoon of guitar lessons and make as much as my friends do in a week."

12. And while other parents discouraged their kids from going into the arts, your parents were always supportive.

A childhood friend of Georgia's wanted to be a ballerina, but her parents advised her not to pursue it. Georgia's parents, on the other hand, not only supported but advocated for a career in the arts: "Our parents pushed us to do whatever we wanted to do, even if it was a pipe dream at the time," she recalled. "We were told that all the time."

13. Because you were taught that if "you can live off of [music], why wouldn't you try doing it!"

The Nott family motto? “If you can live off it why wouldn’t you try doing it."

"It’s extremely fun and fills a void that working a different job couldn’t do," Georgia said of her life these days as a full-time musician. "We don’t feel like we’re missing out on something. We’re living it."


David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

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