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19 Signs You Don't Care That Much About Zayn Leaving One Direction

Today was a normal day.

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1. You don't really care.

2. Doesn't bother you.

3. Sucks, but your life moves on seamlessly.

4. This Wiki update is unfortunate.

5. But you don't really care.

6. Yeah, you heard.

7. And ydc.

8. You can.

9. Is he... Is he dead?

We will always love you Zayn Malik, until the end #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik

10. You think this is a touch dramatic.

11. ...

12. You feel for the fans having full-on meltdowns today... but you also don't.

I will miss zayn and im crying so much right now 😢😢💔💔💔 #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik

13. *tries to relate, but can't*

14. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you've had some pretty painful breakups in your lifetime.

15. But you completely stop at this sentiment.

"Losing your parents?!"

"Losing your parents?!"

16. Not because you're not a 1D fan or anything, but because the reactions are more insane than the news.

17. Still, you want to have some semblance of sympathy for their pain.

No one talk to me right now. @zaynmalik my heart is hurting. 😫💔

18. If not to mute your Twitter timeline (and not feel bad about it)...

19. Than to wish well, and hope, to those who are lost. That they, 1Day, can be found.

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