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    13 Kids Who Can Teach You Something About Being Fabulous

    *sashaying through adolescence*.

    1. This mini diva showing us how to dance to Madonna's "Vogue".

    2. And this one, who will not be upstaged at school picture day.

    3. This kid dancing — and SHOWING UP — cheerleaders at a football game.

    4. This guy's quick incline to untouched greatness.

    5. This sassy ballerina dressed in a squirrel costume in a totally inexplicable performance.

    6. This kid caught fearlessly combing his hair at a game.

    7. This boy. An immediate threat to Gaga.

    8. Brendan Jordan, the kid on the local news.

    9. This lil' girl hitting her angles.

    10. This boy band member of a K-pop group strutting and doing WERK.

    11. Whenever this crew arrives anywhere.

    12. This baby just shakin' off the haters.

    13. And this one, who practically lives for the camera.

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